For the past ten years, Chinese symbol tattoos are widely used around the world. A lot of people reflect their fashion sense through Chinese writing. 35% of NBA players have been known to have some Chinese motifs tattooed on their skin. In the entertainment industry, celebrities also display similar love for Asian characters ( words). These exotic words are very popular because they possess an artistic appeal. The Chinese text is just like fine art. Nevertheless, it is discovered that Chinese tattoos look rather normal and bland.

6 Tips for Adding Style and Glamor to Your Chinese Symbols Tattoo

  • Color of Chinese Symbols –

Chinese symbol tattoo is usually done in very dark ink. It is the traditional style. Dark inks like Navy blue, brown, grey and subdued colors are classic, impressive and exquisite. On the contrary, you may mix it up with other colors. If you prefer a funky contemporary look, use a lighter ink. But if you are bold enough, you may use bright colors like pink, sky blue. There is really no rule on what is the best color. Pick something that is suitable to your personality.

  • Number of Chinese Words 

The amount of Chinese symbols is determined by the required amount of space  If your tattoo designs comprise of many characters i.e 5 or more, more space will be needed to imprint the text. Contrasting, if there are few chartered i.e a small space will be enough. Just so you know, tattoos with several symbols are very attractive. They usually convey deep meanings or message. Just like an ancient Chinese scroll. Therefore if you prefer mystery and deep meanings, use several symbols.

  • Chinese Word Size 

Consider how large you want your Chinese characters to be. Large size symbols reflect boldness and confidence. Additionally, they give room for details. The writing strokes including the turns it dots will be more visible. Small size symbols reflect modesty and distinctness. The details will surely be reduced. However, do not doubt the power of smaller writing. They appear cool and sexy, drawing the attention of tattoo lovers.

  • Tattoo Placement and Body Parts

The frequent question for ink enthusiasts is the location of the placing of the Chinese symbols. The usual spots are the back, arm, leg, and chest. Nevertheless, you must consider the issue of aging. As we get older, our tattoos age also. Specific body parts are especially prone to developing wrinkles. So because of that, you should place your Chinese words in areas where they will last for a long time. This, you will look beautiful and youthful as your writing tattoo.

  • Chinese Text Alignment 

Chinese symbols tattoo is just like a text. If you want to add variety to your ink, you have to think about how the text will flow. That is, you may adjust the text alignment to get the desired look. The modern method is to flow the Chinese symbols vertically, from the top to the bottom just like Beckham’s calligraphy tattoo. The other method is horizontal alignment. So in this case, there are two choices available. The writing may go from left to right or right to left. You get to decide the text flow for your ink. It is recommended that you use the vertical alignment. It gives you a classic and distinct Asian look.

  • Calligraphy and Writing Styles

The perfect way to glam up your symbol tattoo is to go with Chinese calligraphy. Calligraphy means aesthetic writing In handwritten styles. It is held in high esteem in China. The writing styles (scripts) available for tattoo designs are four. They include seal script, regular script, running script, and cursive script. For instance, your Chinese characters can be written in cursive style just like David Beckham did. The result is really amazing. Many people are going for calligraphy style designs because they are timeless. They reflect a sophisticated and personalized look. Calligraphy symbols are the ideal fusion of tradition with cosmopolitanism.

Your Chinese Symbols, Your Tattoo Expression

In this article, six ways to personalize your Chinese symbols tattoos have been highlighted. Instead of following celebrity trends, you should focus on what you prefer and what suits you. Go with your heart rather than jumping blindly into the trendy style. This is very crucial for permanent body decoration. Spend more time researching and planning for your Chinese ink.  There are simply no rules on what is ideal or not. Tattoos are personal expressions, free and creative. Look for something that will go with your uniqueness.