When laid upon wooden floors, an area or accent rug may look great in your home whether it is a modern style, a casual shag rug or maybe a regal Oriental rug. Selecting the right rug for you is a balance of color, pattern, size, style and course expense.

Nowadays, rugs are also pieces of arts of which the finest are the Oriental Rugs, especially the Persian ones.  Authentic Persian style rugs are handwoven and usually made from either wool( usually cancel wool), silk or cotton. Rugs made by machine are not considered authentic even if they were made in the place of origin of Oriental rugs like India, Pakistan, China, Turkey or Iran.

Persian style rugs are possibly the most famous and well-known amongst the varieties of Oriental rugs. While a Persian rug is an Oriental rug, do not be deceived into believing that all rugs of Oriental nature are Persian rugs.

How would you identify an authentic Persian rug? It is based on the location where the rug was made. If a rug is woven in Iran, then it can be regarded as a Persian rug. These particular Persian rugs are beautiful and elaborate works of art and due to the handmade skills involved in their production, they are a huge source of income for the local Iranian rug weavers.

Persian rugs have been a highly demanded and treasured floor coverings for ages. Authentic rugs are always quite costly and are produced from natural materials such as wool or silk.  Although rugs are hardly handmade anymore, older Person rugs produced by hands may cost thousands of dollars.

There is no need to have thousands of dollars to make your home look and feel classy and decorate with Persian rugs. Fortunately, imitation Persian rugs are available on the market nowadays in huge discount stores and may cost below $100 for a large rug. This is a little price to pay for the decorative quality a rug like that will add to your room.

Although there are no certain regulations, if you prefer to have a wall to wall carpeting in your living room, remember that low pile carpeting in a neutral color is in vogue. Loud colored carpeting is no more in vogue since the 1980s as well as thick, shag carpeting The current fashion seems to be at the end of the spectrum. Getting plain, neutral carpeting will be nice and will not go out of fashion easily. Nevertheless, some people believe it is kind of bland.

If you believe you can actually dress up your plain carpeting by putting an additional area rug like a bigger Persian rug on top of the plain one. There are numerous online stores where imitation Persian rugs under $100 are available. Putting an area rug atop of your living room wall to wall carpeting adds a stroke of well-required color and makes the room look nicer instantly and it is affordable also.

Using Persian rugs as decorations will add an aura of European opulence to ones home. If you desire the appearance of opulence and you have fixed antiques into your decorations, all that is needed for adding immediate drama are a couple of Persian rugs. If you can afford to purchase an authentic Persian rug, you will discover that it is worth the money. Not only are authentic Persian rugs’ design better than the imitations, but the quality of the rug is also durable for a lifetime. Decorations with Persian rugs are easy and affordable for anyone to do, notwithstanding their budget.

Person rugs can also be used almost anywhere in the house. Imitation Persian rugs runners are available are at the yard at home improvement stores and they make your stairs look dramatic. These are mostly used on bare woods but will look great also on carpeted stairs.

Avoid limiting decorations with Persian rugs to the floors alone. Over the centuries, Persian rugs have beautified the walls of homes throughout the world. Just because are very fancy, they are often treasured as wall hangings. Rather than generic oil paintings, it is better to use Persian rug with an elaborate design on your walls.

There are various methods of decorating with Persian rugs in homes.