The runner rug is a fabulous rug. It is very good and can provide your home with comfort. There are different types of rug and the most popular rug is the area rug runner. The area runner helps define a space and it comes in many types and designs, from Persian to Oriental, geometrical to stripes designs, in animal prints or in solid colors, braided, hand woven or machine weaved. These runners make a great impact on any room in the house.

 Another type of rug is the children’s runner rugs. These rugs have some cartoon illustrations and characters written on it, meant for your children’s rooms. Some of these rugs have alphabet and numbers printed on it.

Next, we have the bathroom runner rugs. These rugs can be positioned and they’re generally stripped or have a constant geometric design or pattern. They make your bathroom glow with color.

The other type of runner rug is the kitchen rug runners. It has a cooking theme, with fruits and vegetables, roosters and cockerels on them. They are also available in other designs and these kitchen rugs give your kitchen an adorable look.

We also have the outdoor runner rugs. Outdoor rugs tend to be more flowery and they have nature as its theme. Some of them have animals printed on it which are often used outdoor and these rugs make any outdoor living space come bright and alive with their bold and interesting colors.

Runner rugs also come in diverse designs and styles. It is left to you to choose the ones that will fit your space and give it and attracting and exciting look.

The use of area rugs is a wonderful way of adding comfort and warmth to a home. When people think of decorating with area rugs, they think of the bigger types of rugs used in living rooms and dining rooms. Other parts of the house like the stairs, entryways, and hallways can be decorated with the use of rug runners.

The Benefits of Using Runner Rugs

These rugs are actually designed for the narrower areas of a house. They’re capable to add quality to spaces that are considered “not too important” spaces in the house. Runner rugs help to occupy only high traffic areas and provide traction thereby reducing the possibility of slips and falls. They are very useful in protecting hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring. They can be used also in patching and covering up damaged areas of a floor and they help lower your energy bill trap heat in the winter and cooler air in the summer.

Rug Runners as Decoration

Before choosing any area rug, you must first check out the size of the space the rug will occupy by measuring just the length and width. When making use of runner rugs, subtract a minimum of 4 inches from the width. This allows for 2 inches of the floor exposed on either side. Then you subtract approximately 2 feet from the length, leaving a foot of floor at either end of the rug unclosed. This simple step puts the rug perfectly into space not making it too extreme. After considering the right size, you should also take into consideration the design you want the rug to have. With diverse patterns available, choosing out the right design will be a personal thing. Another thing you should take note of is the existing decor. Make sure you put a rug that will complement without disturbing the look of the room from itself. But if you prefer the rug to be dominant, try it in a non-dominant color in the room. This will bring out the color without clashing.