It is correct that a handmade Persian Rug is as fine as it is having unknown qualities especially when you remember tales about flying carpets where the lover travels a very long distance to come and take his lover away from the hands of her cruel keeper. Persian Rug is quite difficult to judge it’s genuine. That’s why it is very important that you go to a Persian Rugs dealer who is well known for his specialization in handmade rugs and for his many years of experience.

For a novice in the business of buying Persian Rugs, it is quite bad to buy at going out of business sales and traveling auctions. In those places, they have a big selection of items and the prices are so low that it is very tempting to get or buy. Note that, these are outlets that deal with rejected goods and, in the end, they don’t offer any real savings. This is the right place to put into practice the “Buyer be aware” policy.

It’s advisable to deal with direct importers of handmade Persian Rugs, a place where you feel relaxed, where you receive neat and good service, and where all your questions are answered with deep knowledge. They should be able to tell you where the rug has been fabricated, the age, the fiber content, and its history. Above all, you should be able to find truthful and upright.

In case you feel pressured, it’s advisable you walk away. A good rug dealer will allow you to view as many rugs as you want. Some of them will even allow you to take the carpet home to get the feel of it in your own home d├ęcor and if you don’t like it, you can return them within the time given

It’s heard that Persian Rugs are quite expensive. The machine made ones are cheaper. To find the right Persian rug, the best place to start is the online shops, where you can find different range of handmade Persian and Oriental rugs of different qualities, prices, and tastes. Most times, they’re sold at a discounted price in order for fast sales. Most of the dealers give a thorough explanation on how the rug is made, where it is made, how old it is, and the beautiful part of it is that they send it to your home for free. You can also visit the rug stores in your city where you can get the right carpet for your taste and budget.

Now that you found the right rug, you should know what size too. The easiest rooms to cover are the living room, the bedroom and entry room. There are two areas in a house that are size sensitive. The one in the hallway. The only means to cover a long and a narrow hallway is with runner which can cover the entire length too. You cannot have it too short all too long. The shortest you can afford to have the runner is about a foot on either side. Not any shorter than that and you cannot have it longer either, otherwise, you will have to fold it under or pull it out out the hallway to fit it properly. The dining room rug should be big enough to cover under the whole table and also allow a foot and a half all around it to allow movement of the chairs without it being tangled into the rug’s edges.

Buying a Persian Rug can be very challenging but you can find a dealer you can trust. Buying a Persian Rug can be fun and informative. You’ll also find many things to learn as you make purchases for your Persian Rug.