A rug is among the most significant components in your living room. Based on the size, shape, and style that you select, the room will also reflect a kind of similar ambiance. A living room rug is also very useful as it absorbs noise and possesses good texture. There are so many available options that you will need some instructions to be able to select the appropriate one.

Would you like the rug to be the main attraction of the room or you would like it complimenting other decors and fixtures? Oriental rugs and other rugs with very spectacular designs and styles are mostly very conspicuous so they are the right options if you have neutral wall colors and simple decorations. Fur rugs are also very attractive and may serve as a source of warmth and beauty.

Nevertheless, if you want to lay emphasis on other nice items in your living like the chandelier, sofa or your paintings, you might want to select rugs with the more repressed pattern. Pick colors that give a good contrast with your quality decors and pieces. Colors like white, beige and brown will be appropriate with lighting from a beautiful chandelier or tall French windows.

Pay attention to color and pattern. An easy rule is that at least one color of the rug should complement the colors of other things in your living room. Do you have a sturdy white sofa with dark wood tried? If you do, you may install in brown fur rugs or solid gray ones that will reveal the sofa better. This Cole rule may also be applied effectively on floors. Create a great contrast with your floor color. The floor-rug division will make a more symmetrical look.

Make sure that there will be enough space for the shape of your living room rug. Do not get huge rugs which will require you to fold at certain ends since it already touches the wall. Estimate the room’s dimensions first then get a rug with the appropriate proportions that will cover the sections you prefer well. The rug’s fabric may also be determined by the kind of fabrics you possess. If you have a patterned floor, plainer rugs are recommended and vice-versa.

Assess the rug’s durability also. Some rug types last longer compared to others like wool. If you have pets or children at home it is recommended you pick materials that are easier to clean.

The following are the factors that must be considered before purchasing a living room area rug :

  1. Before you go out to shop for the rug, it is very important to estimate the area of the room. To get the perfect piece for that specific area, the room’s length and width must be calculated.
  2. Conventional furnishing must complement the mood of the living room. Put the color of the walls and curtains into consideration before purchasing one. It should complement both the color and theme of the room. If the Wall’s color is in shades of blue, then you may purchase a white or Cobalt blue rug that will complement the mood of the room and gives a cooling effect to the room simultaneously. If your room is colorful, get something that will complement with all the colors on the wall.
  3. It is crucial to figure out if an oval or a rectangular or a circle shaped rug will look nice in the room. It should complement the place’s size.
  4. The rug’s texture is among the most crucial factors that must be considered before securing a final deal. Decide if woolen or silk or a just rug will suit your requirement, then go on with your shopping.
  5. Put your budget into consideration before purchasing an area rug for your living room. It won’t be a wise decision to exceed your budget or make a compromise on cheaper quality after any cheap rug. Always prepare for an optimum budget. Have it in mind that spending a few extra dollars after a great quality is a better deal as it will be more durable for several years as compared to the cheaper ones.
  6. If you plan to layer your floor with more than rug, select something that will add warmth and color to the floor and appearance.

It is very crucial that you should take care of whatever you purchase. As rugs accumulate a lot of dust, it is crucial to clean them constantly to ensure that your family lives in a healthier environment.